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Genomics for better care

We are a team of scientists and developers specialised in genetics and bioinformatics, determined to increase access to genomic medicine in the clinic. Genomic medicine is advancing at a rapid pace, transforming research and revolutionising the way we diagnose and treat complex diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

We develop innovative solutions to make genomic medicine more accessible, partnering with a portfolio of private and public laboratories in the UK and overseas. Our approach is strongly shaped by our scientific background and experience.

Our flexible, powerful online ordering platform for genetic tests enables clinicians to find and order tests for all medical specialities. Our clinical grade tests are from accredited laboratories that consistently deliver high quality diagnostics, enabling healthcare professionals to provide their patients with better care.


"As a world-leading genetic laboratory, we already provide genetic testing to doctors in 32 countries around the world. GeneAdviser will make it easier for doctors to order tests from us, allowing us to help more patients without increasing the administrative burden on my staff."

Dr Steve Abbs, Director of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust’s Regional Genetics Centre

The team

Our work balances academic expertise with business achievement, and is driven by our belief that patients should benefit first from the genomic revolution.

If you want to contribute in making genomic medicine more accessible for patients, join us

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